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You probably know this story 
As an immigrant myself, I know how challenging it can be when you want to come to the US and live here. And there are hurdle after hurdle and no one to turn to for reliable help. 

I grew up in Israel, where I spent half of my life, before moving to the United States, where I still reside today. The reason I moved to San Diego, California, was to pursue a Masters degree in International Law. I arrived as an international student with a visa.

Soon I realized that I really liked California. Hell, who wouldn’t love it here. But I also realized that with a student visa I couldn’t work and time was running out. I also realized that if I will fail to find a Visa sponsor before my student visa ends, I will be forced to depart the United States, and give up on my American Dream. There were so many questions on my mind, but no one to answer my pressing Immigration questions.
The Discovery That Changed My Life And My Career
Eventually, I was able to land my first job and a Visa Sponsor. I also developed my entrepreneurial Bug while working for my first American Employer and Visa sponsor. I was able to work full time and start and online business teaching other international job seekers how to secure a job in the United States.

Once I became an attorney and started my own Immigration law firm. I have used social media and technology tools to grow my law firm and serve clients worldwide. Our Facebook community grew to one of the largest in the world with over 100,000 Fans. We continue to offer knowledge for free, because we feel that our clients need to know. I continued to focus on helping Immigrants understand the Immigration system, educate and teach people for free, giving them the power of information. Today knowledge is power, the more you know, the more options you create for yourself.
How Entrepreneurs come to America ? Startup visa options for international founders
🇺🇸 The Sapochnick -Difference

My message is simple, learn and implement. 
The VIP Kickstarter program will allow you to come to me and my team, and follow our process step by step, shortcut the learning so you can too understand the immigration process in America, and give you the control and power of knowledge. 

I want to hear back from you not long from today, telling me how well you're doing in this amazing country of ours, and what steps got you there. I created this VIP program to help YOU get the personalized information you need today, answer your questions today. 
🇺🇸 What you receive by joining the
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The pursuit of an immigrant working or non working visa Is a major issue in a clients life.  That could mean the difference between working and not working. Living or not living in the U.S. We know that and try to achieve that goal immediately.
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Note - Our firm runs in-house immigration consulting, however providing all this service would take several weeks and cost $2,500 or more. Since I know not everyone can visit us at our San Diego office physically, we've decided to extend our immigration consultation services online, and make it more affordable so that as many people as possible would be able to attend and impact their lives, families, and careers. 
By joining we walk you through the process from start to finish!
Great immigration lawyer, very professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Jacob always answered my questions, e-mails and calls; great customer service from him and everybody at his office. I highly recommend Jacob, probably the best immigration lawyer out there.

At one point in my life I lost hope in getting a “green card”. Although I was a beneficiary of an approved I-140, my I-485 has a risk of being disapproved due to a possible inadmissibility situation. I search and talked to several immigration lawyers within the county to consult my case but not even one can provide me with good answers to bring light to my case. I finally accepted the fact that I might be removed from the US so I search the internet again to find a lawyer to represent me in case I will be called for removal and there I found Jacob Sapochnick. He is a very sincere and honest lawyer and he didn’t give an outright answer until he knows all the details about my case. I personally met him and discussed everything and all of a sudden the light came down from heaven and Jacob presented to me the strategies to fight for my case. He is indeed one of the most innovative immigration lawyer that I ever met.

Jacob is very professional and he will guide you up to the very last step. My I-485 RFE reply was handled very well and Jacob personally hand delivered the reply to the USCIS District Office (this is something that a lawyer doesn’t normally do).

After few weeks of waiting and anxiety we finally got the decision from the USCIS and my I-485 has finally been approved and my “green card” is on the way.

There are no words to describe how thankful I am for having Jacob as my savior for me to be able to reach and attain my ultimate “American Dream”.

I only have few words to utter about him…”Jacob Sapochnick is one Miracle Lawyer”

Plinio F.
Philippines 🇵🇭
Good morning Jacob and Jibola,

Goodnews. Mutyaba went for his K1 Fiance Visa interview at Nairobi on 11/24/2008. He was asked to come back on 12/5/2008, at which time they granted him the visa. He arrived to the US yesterday 12/8/2008. Thanks so much for your help and support. I will of course need your help with extra paperwork in the future such as the AOS. I will let you know. Thanks for doing such a great job, and for being so responsive.

Jacquiline T
Kenya 🇰🇪
"I had a very positive and pleasant experience with the Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick when I hired the firm to assist me in applying for US Citizenship. From the moment I made first contact via e-mail and throughout the whole process, I was welcomed by a professional and friendly staff. I received straight forward answers to all of my questions and no empty promises were made.

At my appointment, Mr.Sapochnick guided me step by step on what to expect during the application process, the interviews and at the Oath ceremony. I started my application in late April 2009 and I took my Citizenship Oath on August 19th, 2009. I am now a proud Citizen of the United States of America. I would like to thank Mr.Sapochnick and his wonderful and friendly staff for being efficient, professional and yet a very personable Law Firm. Thank you, for making this a very easy and wonderful experience! ".

Annalisa J.
Italy 🇮🇹
Dear Jacob,

After waiting several years, I had almost given up and lost all hope in getting my green card - until I came across your website. Thanks to you – your help, advice, and personal interest in my case – ALL my expectations were met and I finally have it! I’m now enjoying a long-overdue visit with family and friends in Argentina.

I believe the comments made by your other clients very well summarize and describe how professional you are as an immigration attorney. You treated me not just as another one of your cases, but as an individual person who desperately needed direction and help. Your ample knowledge of U.S. immigration law as well as your expertise was very evident from my first appointment with you. You answered all my questions in a clear way so I could understand what to expect. While waiting for the outcome, whenever I’d get nervous about my situation, you were always available to take my calls, assuring me the process was on track. Furthermore, I have no doubts that your being present at my interview with the immigration officer was what finally clinched it and made my dream finally become a reality.

Jacob, the best way I can thank you and your staff is to wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who needs a first-rate immigration attorney, since I have proof enough you are an outstanding one!

Argentina 🇦🇷
My name is Jacob Spochnick
I am an Immigration Lawyer based in San Diego, California. I have helped thousands of international workers secure work visas in the United States, and counseled many applicants while negotiating with American employers on how to convince these employers to hire them and offer a visa sponsorship.

My message is simple, learn and implement. I started this service to give you the tools and understanding of the Immigration process in America, to give you the control and the power of knowledge. I want to hear from you not long from today, telling me how well your’e doing in this amazing country of ours, and what steps got you there. I created this podcast to help YOU get the information you need today, answer your questions today. So, what are you waiting for? Join the program and we'll guide you all the way through the immigration process!
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Meet my team of immigration specialists that will be supporting you along your journey!
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By joining the VIP Immigration Kickstarter program you'll be immediately provided with access link to our Facebook group, you'll be assigned with a specialist, and gain access to our group resources. In addition we will setup a consultation, and plan your road map.  We will deliver forms to protect you, your children and your assets.  
How long until my membership expires?
The VIP Immigration Kickstarter membership is a one-time payment for a lifetime membership.  This means that you'll have access to our VIP group & consultation services for as long as you need.
Do I need to pay for ongoing support?
By joining the VIP program, you'll have access to our amazing team of immigration specialists at Sapochnik law firm available through Direct Message or on the phone to talk about your immigration needs.
How will we communicate?
Once you are in the program, we'll begin our consultation through our private Facebook group, through email and phone, and video chat software. 
What’s the difference between the VIP program and an in-house immigration attorney?
Since space is limited, and we can only fulfill so many orders at our practice in-person on a day to day basis the price for an attorney meeting is expensive because time is limited.  Though today, because of technology we are given the ability to service 500% more people in need of our services.  
What types of immigration consultations services can you assist me with? 
Sapochnick Law Firm has the capacity to facilitate consultation for: Work Visas, Temporary Visas, Permanent Visas, Family Visas, Citizenship, Start Up Immigration, Global Immigration, International Adoptions, Deportation, Removal & Exclusion, Payroll Services, Ley de Inmigración, Marriage Equality Resource Center, Waivers, and Special Categories of Green Card Applicants. For a full list of services, please click here.
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